Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Imagine a sunny spring afternoon where all the white and yellow flowers are in full bloom and everyone is waiting for the preacher to introduce the newly weds.  The bride and groom pose for pictures in front of the living room fire place and then move into the play room to cut the cake.  Two years later, a baby girl is born and then life rolls into a jumble of daycare, dance lessons, homework, and, finally, college graduation.  Just when things start to cool down, a son-in-law and then new grandchild enters the family.  Life is content and ready to begin the journey again with this new little addition.  Oh, how fun it will be to experience everything from the other side as Nana and PawPaw.

Thirty two years in the making, we fine my parents on their way to Paris.  My dad is whisking my mother away on a romantic getaway for two during Spring Break.  In honor of their trip, I baked a French vanilla cake and covered it with white fondant.  Using the purple Wilton fondant, I did my best to attempt a few ribbon roses and a ribbon border.  Buttercream vines and foliage accent the roses for a crisp, clean look they really enjoyed.

Everyone says it looks like a hat because I didn't decorate the cake board.  That works for me too.

Happy Anniversary 
Mom & Dad!
Bon Voyage!

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  1. Hey I thought it was a hat too LOL! Maybe you should have covered the cake board in foil... oh wait... never mind LOL! Anyways, it's BEAUTIFUL and you did a great job on the vines... I'm a big fan of vines!


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