Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Wedding Cake...EVER!!!

So, we all know that I have been away learning how to be a mother of two.  (It is a lot harder than I thought it would be and I knew it would be difficult.  I wasn't blowing it off or thinking other mothers were just cry babies.  I was well aware that it would not be a cake walk but dad-gum!)  Thankfully, things have finally started to even out a bit.  (YEAH!)

Life is getting into a more consistent swing and I felt that I could take on a cake project.  My friend's brother got married and she wanted a wedding cake for the happy couple even though this was second marriage for both of them.  (It's always a good idea to have a cake!)  Needless to say, I felt up to the challenge.

The idea of making a fancy wedding cake for someone's special day is nerve racking to me b/c it is going to be remembered for all eternity and therefore, it must be perfect.  Luckily, however, it was only to be a casual reception a week after the actual wedding ceremony, which relieved me of the major nerves I would have felt otherwise.  (WOO HOO!)

I got all psyched up and emailed different ideas and pictures of all this detailed scroll work and fancy monogramming and such only to have them ask for dots. 

"But can't I do at least a little scroll work?...PLEASE?"
"If you must.  But NO fondant."
"What?  But it will look so much smoother with fondant."
"We don't like the texture."
"But fondant is a lot easier for me to smooth on a cake."
"It'll be fine.  No one will notice anyway."
"FINE.  But only b/c it's you."

So, despite my begging and pleading, I was NOT allowed to use fondant but I did manage to widdle them down and add a little bit of fancy stuff.  What do you think?

I think it turned out nicely, especially after being away for so long.  Everyone liked the design.  It had the dots and also a little something extra to make it special.