Monday, February 4, 2013

Fondant Folks


The great mystery of how to form believable human forms out of fondant has escaped me for years.  But, being in one of those adventurous moods, I have come up with a design for a contest cake that with require SEVERAL human forms.  Thus, my research has commenced.
During my search, I stumbled across a few examples that I found helpful.  One such example is from
which is actually for sculpting Polymer Clay.  This is her pictorial sequence for designing the feet.

I like how she shows the progression and I wouldn't have to form toes.
For the hands...
This one is rather tricky since my fingers never turn out so pretty. 
I will have to practice a bit before I publish any pictures for your perusal.
Here is another example from another website: 

Cris Porcellanafredda. Todo Para Manualidades

She actually goes frame by frame but I warn you, the website is not in English,
so will have to translate it (or just look at the pictures...which is what I do anyway).
One last site featuring how to sculpt fondant folks.
This one is from Cecelia Morana from Argentina
and, again, the site will need to be translated.
I will post a video that I found as well.  Please check my Video Collection on this site.
Good luck. I hope this was helpful.  Happy Sculpting!
**If you want to see some amazing sculpting, check out Carlos Lischetti's work.**
Something to tempt the palette...
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