Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gender Revealing Shower

As we all know, I am expecting our second kiddo in January.  I hit the 20 week mark at the end of August and decided to throw a party where our family and friends could be present when we find out the sex of the baby.  The doctor wrote down the sex of baby and sealed it in an envelope.  I was a good girl and did not peek before I dropped said envelope with my baker.  He then baked the cake and cupcakes you see below.

Granted, it was my design but I couldn't very well make my OWN cake; that would ruin the surprise.

Inside, the cake was dyed either Pink or Blue and I had all the guests dress according to what they thought baby would be.

(The cupcakes were NOT dyed, which made for less temptation for peeking.) 

We played games such as "Dirty Diaper Diving" where you had to guess the type of candy bar melted in the diaper.  
(Note to self, do NOT use LUVS or HUGGIES...they melt.  Pampers or Target brand are okay.)

We also played a game called "Guess Mommy's Girth" where everyone had to break off the amount of toilet paper they thought would go all the way around my belly.  As you can see here, he guessed wrong.  I'm not that big...YET.

After everything was said and done, my hubby and I cut the cake to reveal a VERY pink inside.  So, we can now proudly say that we are expecting another GIRL!!!  WOO HOO!!!  
(Poor Daddy is going to be sooooo out numbered.)