My Love Affair with Cake

Hello Everyone,

I want to welcome you to my blog, which was started to basically showcase my cakes.  I have ALWAYS had a love for sweets.  I love making them as much as eating them!!  I love the colors, the sparkles, and of course the taste.  I see cake decorating as a fun way to make people happy by creating something beautiful for them to enjoy. 

My earliest memory in the kitchen was as a kid, when I would help bake and decorate cookies at my Mama Peggy's house.  We baked them from scratch and even made our own icing from powdered sugar and milk.  From there, my memory montage flashes to the baking I did with my mom when I needed gifts for my teachers.  We also had a friend of the family who would invite me over to make chocolate candies.  For a job well done, I could take home a few boxes of those same chocolates.

In college, I would come up with any reason to buy a cake.  I would get a cake just to share with my roommates because it was pretty or if it was their birthday.  One night, I even ordered a cake for a "Disney" night just to enjoy while watching cartoons.  

Then, I met my future hubby and life was sweet enough without the cakes and cookies.  (I know...getting too mushy.)  So, eight years later, after a wedding cake and a baby shower, I finally decided to take a Wilton course at the local Hobby Lobby.  I LOVED IT!!!  I started making cakes for every event in our lives.  Anything left over was sent to work with my husband.  (His co-workers loved it!)

And that is where this blog starts off.  My very first post is from our daughter's baptism which took place one month after my Wilton class ended.   

Enjoy the cakes and God Bless You!


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