Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All In One Bake Shop

So, Mike walks in with the mail and hands me a baby pink envelope from the All In One Bake Shop.  Enclosed is a "thank you for participating" note and the JUDGES COMMENTS on my cake!!!  I must admit I thought we would not get the comments at all, so you can imagine my excitement.

Drum Roll Please -

You are the greatest cake artist ever!

Just Kidding...

It actually said...

"Great job! Lambeth Method is hard and you did it well!  Don't cover your board in foil ever! But this was our only complaint.  Great Cake!"

Okay, so I thought this was hilarious when they said "Don't cover your board in foil ever!". Hahahahah!!!  What is the difference btwn foil and that shiny, silver stuff that looks like foil but sells for around $10?  It's even called Cake Board "Foil".  Too funny!

Also, I had no clue what a Lambeth Method was, so let me show you what I found.

The Lambeth Method is derived from a style of decorating that was popular in England where chefs and decorators would use a lot of intricate piping to create 3-D scrollwork, leaves, flowers, and other decorating on a cake.  The Lambeth Method is still popular today and is frequently one of the methods used by wedding cake designers and decorators to decorate ornate wedding cakes. A cake decorated in the Lambeth Method and accented with fresh fruit or flowers is the wedding cake of choice for anyone who wants a traditional looking, elegant wedding cake.

So those little rings around the edge of my cake, all 102 of them, are considered the Lambeth Method.  Th big heart in the middle was actually titled "Cushioned Lattice" in my book by Toba Garrett.

Oooo! and by the way, I emailed her to thank her for the inspiration I got from her book and she emailed me back!  Granted, she baically said thanks and then went on into a sales pitch to get me to buy her next book about wedding cakes.  (As if she had to twist my arm!)

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  1. Yeah, the judges were sure nitpicky about the dang boards...my judges comments said "cake board not covered...a big no no" They loved everything else, but apparently that threw it for me. Bummer. Oh well! Congrats again, I am super proud of you, because you did a great job! And I'm super jealous of your medal...wear it with pride girl!


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