Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Caramel Pretzel Sticks

I found a recipe on Pinterest and just HAD to try it.

The original recipe was for Caramel Pretzel Bites from The Busty Baker but I couldn't find the Pretzel Nuggets.

Instead, I used Pretzel Sticks and I think it might have proved a little easier with the dipping.  It took me exactly 1 hour to finish 50 sticks...start to finish.


1.  Unwrap the caramels and microwave them for 20 seconds to make them a little more pluable.
2.  Stretch the caramel into a flat rectangular shape.
3.  Wrap caramel around half of the pretzel stick.
4.  Smooth caramel by rolling between palms.
5.  Melt Baker's Chocolate in microwave according to the directions.
6.  Dip caramel end in the chocolate and lay on wax paper to dry.

Let me show you what I mean...

** NOTE to SELF**
The Baker's Chocolate I used was completely gone after 50 sticks.
There was not enough to finish that last one in the corner.
(One is missing b/c it got eaten.)

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