Monday, October 3, 2011

OSSAS 2011

My hubby and I just got back from the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I went last year and placed 3rd in my division, which was Semi-Professional Holiday Cakes.  I don't "want" to be a semi professional b/c I've only been doing this for a little over 2 years.  But since I have taught a cake class and have worked as a decorator in a bakery, I have no other choice.

I chose to compete in the same division as last year b/c I wanted to do better this time.  AND...I actually got FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!

Everything is made of fondant and is hand shaped.  I used an extruder for the fence and the witch's hair.

I based my Frankenstein out of a book for sculpting clay figurines but made sure to add my own flair.  His spiked cuffs were my favorite addition.

I made the skeleton out of fondant and was very proud of the skull and hands.  I could not get his arms and hands to sit right with the sign.  So, I just let him look like he fell apart.

My tree was my pride and joy.

I used wire and chocolate fondant.

Here's my tree skeleton.

And I simply added the fondant in sections starting with the branches and working my way to the trunk.  I added texture and let every section dry before attempting the next.

To smooth out any lines or patch up cracks, I used small pieces of fondant and water.  I smooth the edges of the patch with my fingers until the edges were completely invisible.  I covered the entire tree with water so the coloring would be consistent and then packaged it separately for the trip to Tulsa.

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