Friday, March 4, 2011

Mario Brothers!!

We had an order for a Mario cake and I think it turned out rather well.  The check pattern wasn't very difficult, just time consuming.  The hardest parts were the red line of buttercream and the white spirals, also made of buttercream.  Fondant would have been easier but the customer wanted buttercream.  The 5 white dots on the top are the supports for the Nintendo DS the customer will be placing on top of the cake.  Isn't that so cool!!!!

Also, I was so proud of my lettering!  I had to mimic the font used in the original reference picture.  Not bad for buttercream and free hand!

Here's the original...

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  1. WOW! Twinkie, that is a great cake! Knowing the skill that goes into it makes me appreciate it all the more. Great job on the Mario cake!


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