Friday, March 18, 2011

Copy Cat

This is my attempt at copying Tinkerbell onto a cake in fondant.  Not my best work, but not that bad, either.  She was VERY difficult and took WAY longer than I planned.  Of course the eyes and mouth were the hardest pieces to make.  All the rest was rather easy.  I just basically free-handed everything with an exacto knife.

Then, I had to copy all the Mario scenes from the game.  Granted, they are not exact replicas but I got close.  My favorite are the plants coming out fo the pipes!  The bricks were pretty fun to make as well.  I cannot take credit for Mario or Luigi or the big star on top.  My boss made them.  But I did everything else.

And finally, a carnival cake based on a napkin, which had the dots and strips on it.  The little girls mother drew an example of what she wanted but left a lot of room for creativity.  I always LOVE those kind of orders!  I think she will be very pleased.

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