Friday, February 11, 2011

Ahny's grandmother came in with a very special request.  Her six year old granddaughter had a very specific design for her birthday cake.  She required:
White cake
Chocolate icing
Pink borders
4 Hearts in the corners
Castle with hearts
Tiny crown in castle
"Dear" - RED
"Happy 6th Birthday Princess" - TURQUOISE

You gotta love it when all the guess work is gone.

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  1. The Barbie cake I did for my godsister a couple of years ago was like that...she requested three tiers, navy blue, pink, white, with yellow and red hearts and a barbie on top wearing a specific outfit. I still have the drawing she made me to "help" me in this endeavour. It actually turned out pretty awesome and is one of my favorite cake decorating memories! I love it when the birthday kids have their own input on the cake. Kudos to her grandma for going with it!


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