Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sugar Art Show!!

I will be attending and competing in the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show and I have to come up with a design that will WOW the judges.  This past February, I won 1st place in my division at the Austin show because I used a technique called the "Lambeth" method.  It's a really interesting method of decorating with royal icing.  Basically, you layer the royal icing on top of itself at least 5 times or more to achieve a "raised" looked.  It's more popular in Europe and Australia than in America.

While brainstorming, I searched through my cake books and found Toba Garrett's "The Well-Decorated Cake".

The Well-Decorated Cake

Her book was the inspiration for my last cake, so, why not try it again.  She makes even the most difficult techniques look easy by spelling them out for you, piece by piece.  I highly recommend any of her books!  Although it has not arrived yet, my mom ordered Toba Garrett's "Wedding Cake Art and Design" book from Amazon!!!

Wedding Cake Art and Design: A Professional Approach


Tonight, however, I started practicing different types of string work since royal icing isn't something I'm familiar with.  I think it turned out rather well.

Just to let you know, I was practicing all sorts of stuff on this cake and actually pulled everything off and did this.  So, all the gouging and holes you might see are from that.

The flash kind of "whited" everything out but you can still see what I did.  Anyway, wish me luck and I'll keep practicing.

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