Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello, Cupcake

I have really enjoyed this book, "Hello, Cupcake".  I've made the bowling pins and now, the white chocolate wreath.  I would love to make more but there is sooo much to buy with all the candies and such.  The carousel/circus would have been great for my daughter's birthday but we chose to go with duckies instead.

To make the white chocolate leaves, the book says to buy mint and layer the melted chocolate with a paintbrush.  Well, as stubborn as I am, I did NOT use a paint brush.  I used my finger instead.  note to self, your finger is not a good tool.  I didn't have a paint brush, so, I just dipped the leaves, one at a time.

Another note to self, make sure your mint leaves are BIG.  The little ones won't cover much of your cake and the veins aren't big enough to make a dent.  So, after the first bunch didn't work out, I got a second, bigger bunch of mint leaves.  This time, it was a cinch.

After that, everything was as easy as pie.  I took the cake to my sorority's Christmas party and surprised my mom.  She loved it and all the girls were shocked.  The best part was I used red velvet for the cake w/cream cheese icing and M&Ms for a garnish.  The inside was just as pretty as the outside.

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